How to Monitor Multiple Sites

You have set up a datacentre with many different services and applications. You are quite proud of it. How can you keep it running smoothly? This article describes the NetScope way.

Here is the scenario: A typical hub and spoke network, the hub being a datacentre and the spokes being WAN connections to 30 different sites across the globe. The data Centre hosts a number of different applications and services with which the remote sites access in their day-to-day business activities.

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How to Detect a Virus Outbreak on your Network

You arrive Monday morning to the office and are hit with complaints as soon as you sit down. Apparently the network has been slow ‘all weekend’, and no one can do any work.

What do you do? First, it doesn’t hurt to have an internal panic, then get upset at your users for being nasty and your boss for not understanding. But then what?

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How do you know if people are accessing the Dark Web from your network?

The Dark Web, or Deep Web, can be used by people to shop for prohibited items such as illicit drugs or firearms, by hacking/DDoS services and even higher a hitman.

Who cares as long as it is not on your network, right?

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3 Ways to Stop Bandwidth Costs Increasing

Doesn’t it feel like there is no way to stop bandwidth costs increasing? Everyone likes a fast Internet connection and in the business world time waiting for applications to load is measured in man hours and dollars.

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Intrusion Detection with NetScope

Turbosoft Networks was recently asked to examine traffic at a small office with NetScope. This was a branch office and was not hosting any services, using the cloud for things like Email, CRM, and ERP. They had about 15 users on site and other than some delays which they wanted investigated they didn’t believe there was any problems with their network.

NetScope was put in-line and immediately saw intrusion attempts

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Track Down Application Delays and Fix Them with NetScope

Are your users complaining about large delays accessing any of your cloud services? This scenario is as old as the cloud. Today we discuss how to track down which Cloud services are experiencing delays, and how to fix them with NetScope.

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