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Please note, this information is for ESXi version 5. This documentation is currently being updated to ESXi version 6. If you need version 6 information urgently please contact support

In the vSphere Client, select File > Deploy OVF Template. The Deploy OVF Template wizard appears.

Select the Netscope OVA file and click Next.


View the OVF Template Details page and click Next.


(Optional) Rename the virtual machine, and click Next.


NOTE: Depending on what VMware host you’re deploying on, there may be some extra options such as selecting host or cluster, resource pool, and datastore. This example of a simple one-server ESXi host does not have those extra options.

Choose Thick provisioned if you want to allocate the entire virtual hard disk now, or Thin provisioned if you want the ESXi server to allocate space on the host as it is needed.


  1. In ‘Network Mapping’ select the drop-down list next to the ‘custom’ Source Network. Choose the virtual network you want to attach to NetScope. This would be one you’ve already added to the ESXi server/host or just choose any of the virtual switches for now (nb. the virtual switches can be added and configured after deployment. See the remaining articles under the category ‘VMware ESXi Server’).
  2. Click ‘Next’.

Review your settings and click Finish. The progress of the import task appears in the vSphere Client status panel.

Next, you will need to set up the ESXi networking so that NetScope can monitor the traffic you are interested in. This is covered in the following next 3 articles under the category ‘VMware ESXi Server’.

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