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Netscope in Mirror mode has two network adapters. ‘Network Adapter 1’ is Netscope’s management network interface and is set to DHCP by default. It can be connected to any virtual switch you choose as long as you can access the IP address assigned to NetScope from your desktop. You will need to point your browser to the IP address assigned to this Network Adapter to access NetScope’s user interface.

‘Network Adapter 2’ is Netscope’s capture port, i.e. it is the network port that receives the network traffic for monitoring using Netscope’s graphs and tables. Usually, it receives network traffic mirrored by a managed switch or it can packet sniff a virtual switch or physical ethernet hub.

To configure ‘Network Adapter 2’:

  1. Right click on the NetScope Virtual Machine.
  2. Choose ‘Edit Settings’ from the menu.

NOTE: the virtual machine must be in the powered off state in order to make changes to the network adapters.

  1. Select ‘Network adapter 2’.
  2. Choose the virtual switch. In this example, it’s called the ‘switch for mirroring’.

You’re done!

Power on the virtual machine. Once NetScope has booted you can see in the ‘Console’ window the IP address that you put into your browser to access Netscope’s user interface.

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