Government Sector

NetScope for government, key performance indicators and WAN management

Measuring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

KPIs are a useful way that government organizations can measure their performance, and the Internet is no different. One useful metric is to measure the delays on an important service, like ERP. If delays exceed a certain level then alerts should be fired and action to rectify the problem performed.

In this example we have set the max delay to 300ms. Anything above this value will trigger an alert

Protecting important applications with Quality of Service (QoS)

Implementing QoS (packet shaping) rules is a quick way to reduce the latency of applications running over the Internet or WAN. In the example below we have implemented traffic shaping on the ERP application layer.

NOTE: the delays for the ERP application are 100ms or lower.

Controlling access and monitoring users with Active Directory support

Through NetScope's Active Directory Support application access can be restricted to individuals and groups that are authorized. Users can also be monitored directly and their activity tracked.

In this example we're looking at the top users for the entire link.

Block Unauthorized Internet Activity - Apps and Users

Detecting some applications can be difficult with IP and domain name filtering only. Deep packet inspection allows detection of applications like The Onion Router (The Dark Web / Deep Web) and BitTorrent. Government organizations need to be particularly careful of illegal use on their network as bad press resulting from use of such applications could negatively impact social standing.

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