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NetScope aims to provide a human readable format of the network data that is flowing through your system.

On the left-hand side is a list of your network views showing things such as activity, bandwidth usage, top traffic classes, top protocols, top source/destination addresses/ports.

Below that, still on the left-hand side, is a list of traffic classes which can be grouped by site, application type or protocol (whatever your preference is). Each traffic class can be clicked on and viewed separately or all traffic classes can be viewed as a whole by clicking on the ‘link’ traffic class. Furthermore, traffic classes can be grouped together and viewed as a group.

NOTE: the traffic class view is configurable by the user. NetScope comes with predefined traffic classes which look at specific application types, but if you want to make changes must do that in the ‘Policy Manager’ which is covered in the policy manager section.

We can view both the inbound and the outbound traffic on the one page, showing what is coming into your organisation and what is travelling out. The user is then able to select what time period they want to view.

Zoom in on application type - the user can use the menus on the left-hand side to further refine the traffic for any time period and view it per application type.

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