Internet Usage & Security Alerts

Keep your users and your data safe

Why do you need Internet usage alerts?

High bandwidth usage alerts

Alerts presented to you straight in the dashboard.

NetScope will pop up a security or bandwidth alert straight on any chart you are looking at. This way you can see the alert in the context of the traffic view. This makes it easy to understand the problem and drill-down on the cause.

Detect Internet misuse

Detect unwanted Internet activity on your network.

Application types such as the TOR browser (Dark Web / Deep Web) are difficult to detect as it hides itself within SSL. NetScope's deep packet inspection detects the TOR browser as it initiates it's connection and can alert you to it's use on your network.

View all alerts

Click on any chart element to drill-down on that application's alerts.

Internet alerts that help you identify and solve problems.

By viewing all your alerts over time you can quickly see where are the most troubling areas. Being able to drill-down on any alert enables you to see the context of the alert and find out further information; such as the user, the application or site which triggered it.

Using the alerts as a guide you can create QoS rules to solve the cause of the alert. Dark Web being used? Block it. High bandwidth use? Limit non-work video streaming and social media sites. High latencies? Protect the bandwidth of important applications.