Quality of Service (QoS)

Guarantee application speeds with NetScope QoS

Internet & WAN Application Guarantees

Automatic QoS rules to protect your important applications

NetScope can automatically detect which applications you have running and protect them from delays. Large file transfers, video streaming, database updates can cause delays for VoIP, video conferencing and your cloud CRM applications. The benefits automatic QoS are:

  • Stop delays on VoIP calls
  • Stop delays on video conferences
  • Stop the bandwidth creep
  • Ensure your Internet connection is used efficiently and protect it against any unforeseen traffic spikes

Unique Flow Level QoS

Per-Flow level QoS

NetScope has improved the QoS algorithm so that rules are applied at the flow level, rather than the class level. QoS traditionally works by adding packets to the end of packet queues for each class. At times of congestion these queues get quite long. Any new flow arriving must fight against already well established queues.

Per-Flow level improves QoS

How is flow level QoS better than class level QoS?

Every flow is treated fairly and is given an equal portion of the bandwidth available to that class, instead of being added to the very back of the whole class queue. This means that each flow gets a fair share of the bandwidth as soon as it is required. This ensures a higher level of QoS.

A QoS Example

Example of Traffic Congestion - (Click here for more information)
CRM Activity, plus Delay (RTT) - (Click here for more information)
CRM Activity after QoS - (Click here for more information)