Monitor Your Internet

Track Internet use as it happens. Retain all data indefinitely.

Utilizing your Internet Connection Requires Visibility and Measurement.

Live Per Second Visibility of Your Internet & WAN

Watch your Internet traffic live as it streams in and out of your network. Visibility is down to per second granularity.

Granularity on Internet traffic is important

Why is granularity so important? Well just say your monitoring software averages Internet traffic over 15 seconds (like NetFlow configurations on the finest setting) you lose critical information. For example, if you have a 5 second burst of traffic that saturates the link it will impact time critical services like VoIP. However with a 15 second average you won't see this burst in detail so you may misdiagnose the cause of the delay on VoIP.

Top Applications View

Within NetScope you can click on any application segment to drill-down and view detailed information like, top users, bandwidth used, delays.

Check out the top applications on your Internet & WAN

Find out how your Internet and WAN links are being utilized. Using NetScope's top applications view you can quickly tell which applications are using the most bandwidth. Within NetScope you can click on any segment to drill-down and view traffic for that application.

Top Users View

Within NetScope you can click on any segment in the pie chart to drill-down on the user to view all their activity

Check out the top users on your Internet & WAN

NetScope can connect to Windows Active Directory and obtain user information. Merging user information with the other network layers NetScope can show you detailed user information. Track user details such as:

  • Applications by user
  • Bandwidth use by user
  • Websites each user visited
  • Unusual traffic patterns, such as malware and the dark web

All Applications Activity View

Check out Internet & WAN activity at a glance.

Using this view you can see all your Internet & WAN traffic activity as a whole, and how much each bandwidth application is currently using every second.

Each colored area represents a single application. The applications are ordered from most traffic to least traffic.

Monitor Remote WAN Sites

Take a look at all the remote sites on the WAN to see the traffic distribution. Within NetScope you can click on any segment and view detailed information about applications used at that site.

Track Each Remote Site in Detail

See the make-up of the WAN traffic and how much data each site is using. Drill-down into each site and view all the application usage details: such as bandwidth consumed, application delays, social media use and video streaming.

  • Invoice each site by how much data they use
  • See which sites are over-utilizing their bandwidth
  • Drill-down to the application layer for any site
  • Ensure sites are protected with NetScope QoS